Hey everyone. I am launching my online guitar lesson campaign! Here is a blurb about it.

Michael Raitzyk Is Now Offering Skype Guitar Lessons!

Baltimore based Jazz guitarist Michael Raitzyk has entered the 21st century with his new offering of Skype guitar lessons. Using his 30+ years of teaching/playing experience, he now shares his wisdom, knowledge and joy of guitar playing with the whole world!

You can schedule an on line jazz guitar lesson at:




My teaching philosophy is to find out what the student currently knows and build a foundation. This foundation uses traditional and non-traditional ideas and concepts as it relates to chord/scale knowledge, improvisation, technique & repertoire. I also look at guitar lessons as problem solving. I love helping people do what they love to do! “


You can schedule an on line jazz guitar lesson at https://michaelraitzykskypeguitarlessons.acuityscheduling.c…


“So how exactly does a Skype lesson work?”

You need three things for Skype lessons:

1- Skype account (it’s free)
2- computer (desktop, tablet or laptop)
3- high-speed internet connection

Skype is an audio/visual program that lets communication take place in real time. First you go to my scheduling website and sign up! My days and time are listed. Then you make a payment in advance for the lesson. It’s through PayPal, which also accepts credit card payments. My contact information and Skype number will be available after you schedule a lesson. You will make a Skype call to me at your scheduled time. Lessons are an hour long. I can send you PDF files of related materials while the lesson is in progress. You can also have Skype record the entire lesson for further review. That’s it.



In addition to online lessons, I'll also be updating my YouTube channel regularly with all kinds of content - techniques, theory, performances, and more. You can subscribe to that here:



Please feel free to share and to spread the word. Thank you!

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