Thank you for purchasing my new CD! I hope you are enjoying the music. I have always wanted to record solo guitar music. It's got its own vibe, its own sound and I like the space between the notes. I am really just beginning  to explore playing the guitar without a pick....just fingers and thumb. This recording could not have happened without the generosity of the following people:

Friend, and awesome classical guitarist Candace Mowbray. The few lessons I took from her really set me on the correct path to utilizing my right hand fingers and thumb. Check out her music at: 


Friends Melora & David Kaplan. They provided a very creative space (their dinning room) to leave my recording gear set up for late night and early morning inspiration.

Melroa is an awesome artist. Check out her work:

David is a physicist who made a documentary about the discovery of the Higgs boson Particle.

Check it out here:  

Friends Cathy & Elliott. They have a beautiful farm in Northern Maryland where I have been spending some time. Half of the CD was recorded there. With Theo, Tootsie, Kiko and the goat. 

My sister Chris, who has helped me out more times than I could have ever imagined. Her love and support for my music projects is generous beyond the call of duty. 

Carol Harper for her mastery of converting CD art into something that can be replicated.


Steve Berson for his amazing Mastering work. Need mastering? Go here:  

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